Charlie Massry

How to Work With Le Gems in Ruby on Rails

July 11, 2014

In Ruby, there is a huge community of packages, a lot of which interact with Ruby on Rails. These are called Gems, and they are hosted at RubyGems. Being a Turing Complete language, there are Gems for just about any problem you could have in Ruby, and almost 80,000 of them are hosted at RubyGems. One of the most underrated aspects of Gems is, the documentation. While some Gems such as Thin are pretty self explanatory and easy to get working, others require a lot more work to use the API and understand the documentation. Some big companies, such as thoughtbot provide very extensive documentation with their Gems, like Clearance or Paperclip. For others however, you must read the source code and experiment with it to fully understand how it works. Happy Wiki Diving.